Water-energy “nexus” approach is key to renewable energy transition and managing climate vulnerability: the case of the Drina River Basin

In the Drina River Basin, shared mainly by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, working together across borders and jointly addressing water and energy challenges is a key part of effective climate action and the green transition. As part of the Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week (25-29 September 2023), UNECE and partners joined discussions looking […]

New programme launched to help decarbonize Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is embarking on a transformative journey towards a greener future. With support from SEI and Sweden, coal-dependent regions within the country are gearing up for sustainable transitions. This feature highlights the recent launch of the Sustainable Transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina programme and its potential to reshape the country’s environmental and economic […]


Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week, is a prestigious international event that brings together key players and experts in the energy sector to address the challenges and opportunities of climate change and the transition to a sustainable energy future. Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in collaboration with partners, […]