About Sarajevo

Countless cities in Europe claim to be Where East Meets West, but all must bow-down to Sarajevo in that particular category. History here stretches back to the Neolithic period, all the way through the empires of the world through to its current incarnation as the capital city of an independent Bosnia and Herzegovina. The so-called Jerusalem of Europe is home to all the continent’s religions, and it continues to straddle the divide between the two worlds today.

Why visit Sarajevo?

Few cities offer as much as the Bosnian capital. Food lovers will be in dreamland, while history buffs will find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stories from Sarajevo, from way back when all the way to the current day. Sarajevo may not be the undiscovered gem that some wish it was, but it remains a gem that all should discover for themselves.

All information about Sarajevo, places to visit, restaurants, accommodation, and public transportation can be found on the official website of the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board – Visit Sarajevo

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