• 08:30 - 09:00 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Conference room

    Welcoming coffee

    International conference - II day

  • 09:00 - 10:30 Hotel Hills Ilidža/Convention Hall 2

    Panel Va: Alignment with the EU scheme for trading carbon emissions in the region

    Introductory presentation: EU4Energy Moderator: Mr. Janez Kopač, EU4Energy

    Admir Softic Admir Softic
    Dmitry Mariyasin Dmitry Mariyasin
    Mustafa Musić Mustafa Musić
    Yuriy Myroshnychenko Yuriy Myroshnychenko
    Branko Debeljak Branko Debeljak
    Janez Kopač Janez Kopač
    Stefano Ellero Stefano Ellero
    Armin Hodžić Armin Hodžić
    Peter Pozsgaj Peter Pozsgaj
    Bojan Đordan Bojan Đordan
    Milena Popovic Martinelli Milena Popovic Martinelli
    William L’Heude William L’Heude
    Monique Voogt Monique Voogt
  • 09:00 - 10:30 Hotel Hills Ilidža/Conference Room 4

    Panel Vb: Can and will the Western Balkans economies learn from their European Union counterparts when it comes to the energy transition and making it a just transition?

    Introductory presentation: Moderator: Ms. Nevena Smilevska, CEE Bankwatch Network

    Nikos Mantzaris Nikos Mantzaris
    Ioana Ciuta Ioana Ciuta
    Diana Milev Cavor Diana Milev Cavor
    Nevena Smilevska Nevena Smilevska
    Dragan Ostić Dragan Ostić
    Ognjan Pantić Ognjan Pantić
  • 10:30 - 10:45 Hotel Hills Ilidža

    Coffee break

  • 10:45 - 12:15 Hotel Hills Ilidža/Convention Hall 2

    Panel VIa: Liberalization of the electricity market, new market models that support security of supply and intensive development of RES (edited by USAID)

    Introductory presentation: Mr. Dalibor Muratovic, USAID EPA Moderator: Mr. Ognjen Marković, USAID EPA

    Anže Predovnik Anže Predovnik
    Ognjen Marković Ognjen Marković
    Bledi Lame Bledi Lame
    Zlatan Planinčić Zlatan Planinčić
    Zoran Georgievski Zoran Georgievski
    Marija Đogić Marija Đogić
    Isidora Mičić Isidora Mičić
    Faruk Serdarević Faruk Serdarević
    Dejan Stojčevski Dejan Stojčevski
    Dalibor Muratovic Dalibor Muratovic
  • 11:00 - 12:30 Hotel Hills Ilidža/Conference Room 4

    Panel VIb: Mandatory Oil Stocks: Cost or Security?

    Introductory presentation: EU4Energy Moderator: Ms. Branislava Lepotić Kovačević, EU4Energy

    Aida Haračić Aida Haračić
    Branislava Lepotić Kovačević Branislava Lepotić Kovačević
    Krešimir Baranović Krešimir Baranović
    Đorđe Savić Đorđe Savić
    Ševal Alić Ševal Alić
    Dragana Kalabić Dragana Kalabić
    Darko Pranjić Darko Pranjić
    Adrian Jasimi Adrian Jasimi
  • 12:30 - 13:30 Hotel Hills Ilidža


  • 13:30 - 13:40 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Convention Hall 2

    Presentation of sponsor – Procredit Bank

    Amir Salkanović Amir Salkanović
  • 13:40 - 15:10 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Convention Hall 2

    Panel VIIa: Energy transition finance

    Introductory presentation: Mr. Christopher Sheldon, Country Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank, Ms. Sandrine Friscia, European Investment Bank Moderator: Mr. Branko Čevriz, Loan officer, European Investment Bank for the Western Balkan

    Christopher Sheldon Christopher Sheldon
    Amir Salkanović Amir Salkanović
    Lidija Žigić Lidija Žigić
    Branko Čevriz Branko Čevriz
    Josip Polić Josip Polić
    Vjekoslav Domljan Vjekoslav Domljan
    Mejra Juzbasić Bajgorić Mejra Juzbasić Bajgorić
    Tarik Hubana Tarik Hubana
    Sandrine Friscia Sandrine Friscia
  • 13:40 - 15:10 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Conference Room 4

    Panel VIIb: Use of alternative fuels and possibility of their production in BiH

    Introductory presentation: Pioneers in the use of alternative fuels, Mr. Nedim Pašić, FC Lukavac Moderator: Ms. Emela Burdžović

    Mario Kordić Mario Kordić
    Edin Delić Edin Delić
    Irem Silajdžić Irem Silajdžić
    Džafer Dautbegović Džafer Dautbegović
    Miljenko Muha Miljenko Muha
    Nedim Pašić Nedim Pašić
    Stjepan Kumrić Stjepan Kumrić
    Ajla Imamović Ajla Imamović
    Emela Burdžović Emela Burdžović
  • 15:10 - 16:40 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Convention Hall 2

    Panel VIIIa: Development of electromobility in the region

    Introductory presentations: Ms. Tamara Bajkuša Spahić, Expert Advisor for Electric Power System Development, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Jasmin Lučkin, Porsche BiH Moderator: Mr. Armin Hodžić, FBiH Chamber of Commerce

    Miran Meža Miran Meža
    Jasmin Lučkin Jasmin Lučkin
    Tamara Bajkuša Spahić Tamara Bajkuša Spahić
    Armin Hodžić Armin Hodžić
    Ali Damadžić Ali Damadžić
    Adnan Bosović Adnan Bosović
    Aldina Hadžić Aldina Hadžić
  • 15:10 - 16:40 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Conference Room 4

    Panel VIIIb: Development of circular economy

    Introductory presentations: Ms. Sanda Midžić Kurtagić, EU4Energy Moderator: Mr. Hamdija Mujezin, Consultant

    Hamdija Mujezin Hamdija Mujezin
    Stjepan Kumrić Stjepan Kumrić
    Ivana Nižić Bakalar Ivana Nižić Bakalar
    Ismar Čeremida Ismar Čeremida
    Hanadi Džabić Hanadi Džabić
    Almir Bajtarević Almir Bajtarević
    Haris Abaspahić Haris Abaspahić
    Daniel Stinsky Daniel Stinsky
    Sanda Midžić Kurtagić Sanda Midžić Kurtagić
  • 16:40 - 18:10 Hotel Hills Ilidža, Sarajevo/Convention Hall 2

    Panel IX: Perspectives of energy technologies

    IIntroductory presentation: High-level of technological options for energy storage for the power systems Marcelo Tardio, Senior Project Manager, CESI Italy Moderator: Mr. Azrudin Husika, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Sarajevo

    Azrudin Husika Azrudin Husika
    Meho Kulovac Meho Kulovac
    Amel Kopić Amel Kopić
    Valentin Ilievski Valentin Ilievski
    Robert Pašičko Robert Pašičko
    Stefan Schmidt Stefan Schmidt
    Marcelo Tardio Marcelo Tardio

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