Support of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) to the International Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week

Foreign Investors Council – FIC is the most significant, independent, business association founded in 2006 that represents the interests of investors present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and gathers 70 of the largest domestic and foreign companies that have so far invested more than 9 billion KM, and they employ more than 20,000 BH citizens. FIC members come from various sectors: manufacturing, mining, construction, energy, trade, information technology, legal and financial services, telecommunications, food and beverage manufacturing, and many others.

Through their mission, they advocate the improvement of the investment climate and overall business environment in BiH, for the general benefit of future economic development. FIC affirms the good practices of foreign companies and, within that, offers solutions to the authorities in BiH in order to overcome the obstacles that investors encounter in their business. Through its services, FIC provides practical support to all investors in an effort to improve the status of foreign as well as domestic investors, and to bring global economic trends as close as possible to the BiH business community.

FIC is an association that acts as a single voice of investors present in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim of improving communication and cooperation between the business community and the authorities in BiH, in order to overcome barriers in business. One of their essential goals is to define, together with the representatives of the government, specific measures to establish a normative and institutional framework that will create an optimal investment environment, in which transparent business and additional investment will be enabled, which will ensure strong economic growth and a better standard of citizens of BiH.

In addition to solving specific problems, members also have the opportunity to advocate changes in the business environment through FIC by participating in changes to laws and other legal regulations. One of the benefits of membership in FIC is the possibility of free participation in professional education and seminars that we realize with relevant institutions and our international and domestic partners, as well as the provision of key information and practical advice, as well as business connection services with other companies, institutions and potential donors. Also, members are available for any type of lobbying support, advocacy and protection of their interests by enabling direct dialogue and communication with decision-makers, representatives of the executive and legislative authorities.