City of Sarajevo provided support in the organization of the Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week

The City of Sarajevo, headed by the mayor Benjamina Karić, has recognized the importance and provided support for organising the internation event Sarajevo Energy and Climate Week-SECW 2023, which will be held from 25th to 29th September 2023, organised by Chamber of Economy of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations BiH.

“It is truly a great honor for me that the city of Sarajevo participates in providing support in
organization of five-day international event SECW 2023. Communities from all around the world are facing similar challenges when it comes to climate change and energy transition, and this topic is high up on the agenda of the Sarajevo city” says mayor, Benjamina Karić.

Considerable experience and rich heritage in the field of energy has made Bosnia and Herzegovina a
regional leader, and in order to keep it that way it is necessary to continue to follow the trends in the
energy sector and to make difficult but correct decisions about the future of the energy sector,
considering the decarbonise of the energy sector, i.e discontinuation of using fossil fuels, especially coal, by the year 2050, as the main goal.

The event is important because in one place there will be people who make decisions in every aspect
about the future of the regional energetics, experts who advise the decision makers and who develop
strategic framework, entrepreneurs who invest and make new job opportunities as well as
representatives of non-governmental sector who stand for transparency of the energy transition – say the organisers.

“Sarajevo was chosen as one of the cities that will participate in a mission, which is financed by EU, to create 100 climate neutral and smart cities by the year 2030. Participation in this mission gives
Sarajevo a opportunity to intensify efforts to climate neutrality and to fight against climate changes,
but at the same time it provides multiple benefits to citizens in terms of less pollution, traffic jams,
electricity bills and introduction of healthier lifestyles” says mayor, Benjamina Karić.

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